Title: 2024/6/3 9:27:28
I would love smoky star to return to sunsets. It was always a packed house whenever this two-man Caribbean band would play. If you bring him back, there will be tons of people coming to the club.
Title: 2024/2/23 14:30:23
Looking to speak to the person booking the bands. I鈥檓 Wendy, Booking Mgr for Shore Bet Band鈥hey鈥檝e played there before and brought lots of people. Looking to get in for the upcoming season鈥lease and thank you! (732)861-8713
Title: 2021/8/1 13:42:41
1 calamari, 1 house salad, 1 dinner stuffed shrimp, 2 yiengling, 2 sangria. $108 with 20 % tip. Outrageous. No value not going back
Title: 2021/6/6 19:22:28
They advertised on their websit one menu one prose. When we got there there was a completely different menu and higher price. Food was horrible no one liked our food most of us hardly ate. Service was awful wait was long couldn鈥檛 get water napkins dishes and glasses weren鈥檛 cleared just left on the table. The only best thing besides the music at this place was the sunset. That鈥檚 it.
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